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How is MUSC HR Working Remotely During a Pandemic?

How is MUSC HR Working Remotely During a Pandemic? Endorsed partner, Advanced Imaging Systems, is an information management company committed to lowering costs while improving productivity.  They’ve been contacted by a number of clients for help converting non-digitized files so that staff who are working remotely can access them. Join

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Thought Partner Webinar

Getting from Price Transparency to Healthcare Consumerism Due to higher out of pocket costs and the Federal Government through transparency requirements, patients are demanding the ability to choose the healthcare based on price and quality that is best for the patient  These regulatory and consumer based levers will alter the

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No-cost access to Medicaid enrollment accelerator

We’re still here, ready to help. As a division of SCHA, Solvent Networks is committed to helping our hospitals and health systems respond to the COVID-19 emergency. This information and webinar offers a solution for capturing every possible revenue dollar as we face these extreme financial challenges. No-cost access to

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Document Destruction: What Should I Shred?

Document Destruction: What Should I Shred? Presented by Solvent Networks endorsed partner and SCHA corporate sponsor Stericycle/Shred-it, this 20-minute thought partner webinar explains the importance of knowing what to shred and a simple way to remember what PHI needs to be destroyed.  Brian Magner, Direct Sales Manager, also shares simple

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A Paperless Environment

A Paperless Environment Presented by Solvent Networks endorsed partner and SCHA corporate sponsor Advanced Imaging Systems, this Thought Partner webinar will examine how hospitals can preclude medical errors, decrease administration costs and mitigate risks by bridging the data gap between existing software platforms by utilizing the latest technology to digitize

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Best Practices Primer & Market Update on Locum Tenens Trends

The locum tenens staffing industry is growing at twice the rate of travel nursing, yet many hospitals maintain an undefined locum tenens staffing process and strategy. Qualivis, an endorsed partner of Solvent Networks and Platinum corporate sponsor of SCHA, is a national provider of healthcare workforce solutions, specializing in supplemental

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Daily Charge-Revenue Reconciliation Results in Positive Outcomes

Avelead provides innovative technology solutions that automate and improve revenue cycle in healthcare. Avelead consultants specialize in implementing large scale EMR roll outs and enabling Meaningful Use in multi-hospital and single facility organizations…on time, on budget, high quality, every time. Laura Fox works with Avelead as a Senior Manager in

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