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Supporting the Workforce with Solutions from Solvent Networks

Supporting the Workforce with Solutions from Solvent Networks Employers across the state and across the nation are challenged with labor supply. Hospitals are among the employer groups looking for new ways of recruiting, new opportunities for building a supportive culture, or using technology or resources in new and better ways

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International Recruitment In-Direct Hire Models

International Recruitment In-Direct Hire Models Recruiting and retaining quality nurses is more challenging than ever, thanks to the pandemic. It may be time to consider adding international recruitment to your workforce strategy, and Qualivis can help you get started. Two staffing agencies in the Qualivis network – Worldwide HealthStaff Solutions

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Covid-19 Billing and Coding

Covid-19 Billing and Coding PARA has a simple message for hospitals: Any challenge you have for the revenue cycle, we can meet. That’s a bold statement, considering how many challenges hospitals face: price transparency compliance, claim denials, coding errors, and pricing strategy to name a few. That’s why Solvent Networks

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Manufacturer Mandates and Claims Capture

Manufacturer Mandates and Claims Capture The environment created by some drug companies imposing conditions on the 340B drug pricing program statute has created financial challenges for entities across the country.  As the Department of Justice attorney’s representing the Department of Health and Human Services file appeal, entities must continue to

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How is MUSC HR Working Remotely During a Pandemic?

How is MUSC HR Working Remotely During a Pandemic? Endorsed partner, Advanced Imaging Systems, is an information management company committed to lowering costs while improving productivity.  They’ve been contacted by a number of clients for help converting non-digitized files so that staff who are working remotely can access them. Join

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Thought Partner Webinar

Getting from Price Transparency to Healthcare Consumerism Due to higher out of pocket costs and the Federal Government through transparency requirements, patients are demanding the ability to choose the healthcare based on price and quality that is best for the patient  These regulatory and consumer based levers will alter the

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No-cost access to Medicaid enrollment accelerator

We’re still here, ready to help. As a division of SCHA, Solvent Networks is committed to helping our hospitals and health systems respond to the COVID-19 emergency. This information and webinar offers a solution for capturing every possible revenue dollar as we face these extreme financial challenges. No-cost access to

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