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News Release “Boilerplate” Statement

Solvent Networks, a division of the South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA), connects member hospitals needing business solutions with companies that can provide them. Endorsed partner companies offer financial, operational, workforce or compliance products at negotiated best prices and provide revenue to support SCHA. For more information, visit

SCHA News Release Boilerplate for Programs Funded Through Solvent Networks

[Name of program or event] is funded through Solvent Networks, a division of SCHA that partners with endorsed companies to offer member hospitals financial, operational, workforce and other business solutions at negotiated best prices and provide revenue to support SCHA.

Sales Pitch

Running a hospital, no matter what size, is more challenging than ever. Providing high-quality, affordable, accessible care comes with a host of administrative “pain points,” such as staff turnover, cost containment and compliance. Solvent Networks is about solving “pain points” through a network of endorsed companies that can provide relevant, ready-to-deploy business solutions at negotiated best prices.

We encourage you to make Solvent Networks your first-call resource for finding cures for pain points that sap time and energy away from the more important business of patient care. 

Additional Talking Points

Solvent Networks works with your process improvement, human resources, supply chain and marketing staff to find custom solutions to hospital pain points.

Solvent Networks handles all the searching, vetting and negotiating needed to identify the best solutions at the best prices. We do the legwork so that hospital administrators can focus on the more important business of patient care.

The Solvent Network seal of approval, backed by the South Carolina Hospital Association, assures hospitals that our endorsed partners meet the highest standards for quality, customer service and value.

Our endorsed partners can help you find cost savings or generate revenue to invest in improving healthcare.

Solvent Networks also:

  • manages corporate sponsorship opportunities that directly support SCHA programs;
  • offers consulting, educational and advisory services;
  • and seeks out or creates new ideas and innovative solutions for further development or beta testing.

Revenue generated by Solvent Networks allows SCHA to invest in programs to improve healthcare in South Carolina and reduce pressure on membership dues.

A partial list of initiatives funded through Solvent Networks includes:

  • Scholarships, recruitment and training programs to develop the future healthcare workforce;
  • Personal membership groups, continuing education and professional development for current staff;
  • Programs to improve the quality of the workplace;
  • Advocacy on state and federal legislative and policy issues.

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