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Month: July 2021

Worker’s Compensation Maximization

Worker’s Compensation Maximization Park Dansan can provide your organization with the most effective and efficient Worker’s Compensation claims recovery and reimbursement maximization program in existence. Our recovery team is well trained and motivated to provide the utmost client service that generates significant increases in Worker’s Compensation claims recovery, with no

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SUNRx – Advanced Claims Capture

SUNRx – Advanced Claims Capture The need to optimize 340B savings is greater now than ever considering the Manufacturers’ constraints that have been added to the 340B program. SUNRx has been our long-standing business partner for 340B. As a 340B TPA pioneer, SUNRx has developed an industry-leading solution called Advanced

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SCHA takes meeting in-person seriously.

SCHA takes meeting in-person seriously. During the year of COVID, we took the opportunity to update our conference center. Today, we are your safe meeting space.  When you are planning your next meeting, we welcome you back. Three reasons to come back to the William L. Yates Conference Center: Ease of

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