Supporting the Workforce with Solutions from Solvent Networks

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Supporting the Workforce with Solutions from Solvent Networks

Employers across the state and across the nation are challenged with labor supply. Hospitals are among the employer groups looking for new ways of recruiting, new opportunities for building a supportive culture, or using technology or resources in new and better ways to maximize critical human capital needs. With workforce as a top priority for SCHA, Solvent Networks, the business partner division for hospitals, seeks out and partners with companies who can help meet the top priorities of member hospitals, including workforce.

In this series, Solvent Networks endorsed partners will provide tools, resources, or technologies that can be implemented to help address your needs to innovate in the areas of workforce and staffing.


Monday, July 25

10:00-10:45am | Jackson Physician Search | REGISTER HERE

Succession planning: A tool to enhance retention and reduce burnout

12:00-12:45pm | MASA Medical Transport Solutions | REGISTER HERE

Financial security and life-saving benefits: Keep your mind at ease when accidents happen


Tuesday, July 26

10:00-10:45am | Voyce | REGISTER HERE

Distributing technology resources to address patient language preference

12:00-12:45pm | VirtuAlly | REGISTER HERE

Reducing staff attrition with an evidence-based telehealth solution where technology and humanity bring compassion and safety


Wednesday, July 27

10:00-10:45am | Commerce Healthcare | REGISTER HERE

Leverage accounting teams by using technology and outsourcing solutions for AP automation

12:00-12:45pm | Stericycle | REGISTER HERE

Using SME in medical waste regulation, education and compliance


As a division of the South Carolina Hospital Association, we understand the hospital business. Our ready-to-deploy solutions for your workforce, financial, operational and compliance needs can save money on your bottom line – or generate revenue that you can re-invest in improving healthcare for the people of South Carolina.  For more information, visit Solvent Networks, follow us on Linked In or watch HERE.  Access your network today.

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