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Category: SN Case Studies

Records Digitization Helped MUSC Shift to a Virtual Workplace

Records Digitization Helped MUSC Shift to a Virtual Workplace To help stem the spread of COVID-19, many hospitals – like other employers across the state – quickly shifted to remote work locations for non-clinical staff when the state of emergency began. Most had to adjust with little prep time while

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Sandhills Center Turns to Advanced Imaging Systems (AIS)

Sandhills Center, a behavioral health system in North Carolina, turned to Advanced Imaging Systems (AIS) to guide them through a “perfect storm” of records management challenges – hundreds of thousands of documents past their retention window, files in different places and formats, records inherited from other offices, and an increase

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Mecklenburg County DSS Turns to Advanced Imaging Systems (AIS)

The Mecklenburg (NC) Department of Social Services turned to Advanced Imaging Systems (AIS) for help digitizing an overwhelming and growing backlog of paper files. The AIS solution decreased document processing time from two weeks to 24 hours and allowed DSS to redirect $322,455 in annual labor costs to client services,

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Park Dansan Eases Workers Comp Claims for Lexington Medical Center

Solvent_CaseStudyLexington_19 (Park Dansan) “Our fee is low, and is discounted even more for SCHA- affiliated hospitals. But if you write it off, you lose 100 percent of the revenue. Let us get you 90 or more percent instead. There’s no downside to having Park Dansan maximize your Workers Compensation recoveries.”

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340B Program Proven to Return Value to Rural Hospital

Solvent_CaseStudyAbbeville_19 (SunRx) “The 340B program is really the lifeblood of the hospital. It provides substantial savings on prescription drugs for our patients and savings for the hospital that go right back into operations and expansion of services. We looked at other companies, but SUNRx came out as the shining star.”

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