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Our partners have demonstrated that they can deliver ready-to-deploy products or services that meet hospital needs and the highest standards of quality and customer service. They are chosen through a rigorous screening process that results in a mutually beneficial contractual relationship. Partners agree to offer their products to SCHA member hospitals at the best possible price through an agreed-upon contract and revenue agreement.

Endorsed Partners

MASA Medical Transport Solutions

Emergency transportation is extremely expensive and if your provider is out-of-network, you become responsible for a majority of the bill. Recently, The New York Times reported that 51% of all ground ambulance rides result in out-of-network charges. Essentially, that means you have a 50/50 chance of being billed thousands of

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Our Seal of Approval is good business. And good for your business.

Solvent Networks is a consortium of companies that have earned our “seal of approval” as endorsed providers of healthcare-related businesses and services. The Solvent Networks seal of approval opens doors with hospital and health system leaders across South Carolina.

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Solvent Networks Seal of Approval

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Delivering ready-to-deploy products and services to meet your needs.

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Get started today by joining our network of endorsed partners.

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SCHA sponsors promote all aspects of health care in South Carolina.

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