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The Solvent Networks Seal of Approval is good business. And good for your business.

Solvent Networks is a consortium of companies that have earned our “seal of approval” as endorsed providers of healthcare-related businesses and services. The Solvent Networks seal of approval opens doors with hospital and health system leaders across South Carolina.

Our partners have demonstrated that they can deliver ready-to-deploy products or services that meet hospital needs and the highest standards of quality and customer service. They are chosen through a rigorous screening process that results in a mutually beneficial contractual relationship. Partners agree to offer their products to SCHA member hospitals at the best possible price through an agreed-upon contract and revenue agreement with Solvent Networks.

For some companies, a corporate sponsorship of SCHA is a good first step while we go through the review process. We also recommend that all endorsed partners become corporate sponsors for maximum benefit and access to SCHA member events. 

Obligations of Solvent Networks: 

  • Support and Promotion. Solvent Networks will meet with endorsed partner representatives to develop a marketing strategy. Solvent Networks will make the final decision about which activities to pursue to promote the product/services to its members. Promotional activities may include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Marketing communications to our members via Solvent Networks website, Pain Points Newsletter, SN Case Study, Highlights & Happenings, Thought Partner Webinars, LinkedIn, etc.
    • Opportunity to place videos, feature articles and customer testimonials on the Solvent Networks website and in other marketing materials
    • Opportunity to be featured in SCHA’s The Weekly Newsletter
    • Engagement at targeted SCHA meetings
    • Assistance with setting up introductions, calls and meetings with hospital leadership
    • Advertised as an “endorsed partner” with the Solvent Networks seal of approval
    • Scheduled quarterly business reviews with the Solvent Networks leadership team; and
    • Quarterly endorsed partner updates at the Solvent Networks board of directors meetings by our executive team
  • Exclusive Promotion.  Solvent Networks shall not enter into an Endorsed Partnership agreement or promote to members the products or services of any other endorsed partner that provides the same products.

Become a Partner

First, use this checklist to decide if an endorsed partnership with Solvent Networks is right for you.

Obligations of Endorsed Partner:

  • Offer a product or service that can help hospitals improve performance;
  • Have healthcare experience;
  • Negotiate discounted fees or pricing for SCHA members in return for endorsement;
  • Endorsed Partnership Fee to Solvent Networks (negotiated during initial agreement process, approx $10,000-$20,000 per year)
  • Revenue Share to Solvent Networks (guarantee at least $25,000 per year)
  • Sales Reports (monthly and quarterly)

Next, complete the online application below. If an endorsed partnership isn’t right for you at this time, consider becoming an SCHA sponsor as an initial step to increase engagement with South Carolina hospital leaders.

Submission of this online application below ensures that your company will be evaluated for approval as an endorsed partner of Solvent Networks. It is not a guarantee of endorsement. Fields indicated with an asterisk are required. However, completion of the full application will speed the review process.

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