Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


As a division of the South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA), our mission is to support SCHA by adding membership value and generating resources that can help improve healthcare in South Carolina through SCHA and its members.


1. Build financial strength.
2. Build reputation as the first-call resource and trusted partner for solving hospital pain points.
3. Add value to SCHA membership.
4. Know more about challenges and opportunities facing hospitals so that we can respond promptly and effectively.

KEY STRATEGIES (2019-2021)

1. Support Qualivis by retaining SC business.
2. Build annual SCHA corporate sponsorship and current endorsed partner programs.
3. Add to our current high-value and high-margin products and/or services inventory,
with emphasis on security, broadband and communications consulting.
4. Build an “investment portfolio” to ensure long- term financial opportunities and security.
5. Maintain and grow a market intelligence process to track key trends and needs of membership.
6. Leverage the Association “COHORT” to identify and distribute relevant new products.
7. Aggressively market Solvent Networks.

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