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Month: August 2021

Optimize Opportunities in 340B Specialty Pharmacy

Optimize Opportunities in 340B Specialty Pharmacy As the specialty pharmaceutical industry continues to see growth, there may be significant savings opportunities for your 340B program.  SUNRx experts help navigate through the complexities of specialty pharmacy. Why should an entity get into 340B specialty contract pharmacy relationships? Specialty pharmacy is growing

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Taking In-Person Meetings Seriously

Taking In-Person Meetings Seriously During the year of COVID, SCHA took the opportunity to update our conference center. Today, we are your safe meeting space.  When you are planning your next meeting, we welcome you back. Three reasons to come back to the William L. Yates Conference Center: Ease of

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The SCHA Speakers Bureau

The SCHA Speakers Bureau There are professional speakers and then there are professionals who speak.  The SCHA Speakers Bureau is the latter.  Our speakers make things happen. Healthcare is changing at the speed of light. Keeping up with best practices and real-world problems and solutions is nearly impossible.  Let us

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The MASA MTS Peace of Mind

The MASA MTS Peace of Mind Nowadays, health insurance will only get you so far. Within the last 10 years, many dangerous gaps have opened up in American health plans. One of the biggest gaps leaves you exposed to excessive emergency transport bills. Depending on which emergency medical transportation provider picks

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The Financial Impact with Vivid Energies

The Financial Impact with Vivid Energies You turn on the lights every day. As long as they work, you don’t think twice about how much energy the bulbs are using or their impact on your bottom line. In fact, replacing your old florescent lighting with LED lighting can save you

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Supply Shortages Complicate Waste Management

Supply Shortages Complicate Waste Management A fire at a chemical plant serving major manufactures has disrupted the supply of resin needed to make sharps containers. As the demand for needle disposal is spiking, some hospitals and health systems are having trouble fulfilling ordering. As the leading provider of medical waste,

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