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Month: February 2019

Management of Regulated Medical Waste; Process, Consideration & Resources

Hosted by Stericycle and SCHA Solutions In this webinar we’ll review the various regulatory requirements (and risks) related to the management of infectious waste and highlight how SCHA Solutions and Stericycle’s program can help members meet these through proper management. Topics such as proper identification, packaging and handling will be

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Solvent Networks Announces Document Management Partner

Advanced Imaging Systems (AIS), a leading document management solutions provider with more than 40 years of healthcare experience, has earned the Solvent Networks seal of approval as an endorsed partner. Using innovative digital technology, AIS offers solutions for organizing and archiving vital records such as patient history, financial records, test

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Case Studies in Collaborative Care

Hosted by Collective Medical and SCHA Solutions Collective Medical empowers care teams to improve patient outcomes by closing the communication gaps that undermine patient care. With a nationwide network engaged with every national health plan in the country, hundreds of hospitals and health systems and tens of thousands of providers,

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Solvent Networks Partner Feature in HFM Magazine

ARxChange, a Solvent Networks endorsed partner, was recently featured in a leading healthcare industry magazine. The company offers cloud-based, data-driven finance tools that help hospitals significantly increase payments from both insured and uninsured patients through tailored financial plans based on the patient’s individual economic circumstances. An article by Managing Principal

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