Worker’s Compensation Maximization

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Worker’s Compensation Maximization
Park Dansan can provide your organization with the most effective and efficient Worker’s Compensation claims recovery and reimbursement maximization program in existence.

Our recovery team is well trained and motivated to provide the utmost client service that generates significant increases in Worker’s Compensation claims recovery, with no change or disruption to your existing in-house efforts.

Your organization will experience measurable increases in revenue, associated with reclaimed underpayments and professional dispensation of unpaid claims.

See our Printable Brochure about Worker’s Compensation Follow-Up and Recovery
List of Significant Benefits to Your Organization
The Top 10 Differences of Working with Park Dansan

Park Dansan’s approach to maximizing Worker’s Compensation reimbursement consists of 2 steps:

  1. We recover each claim for the client (hospital). Our processes are both effective and efficient.
  2. Once a claim is recovered, we review each payment to ensure maximum reimbursement. When Park Dansan discovers an underpayment, we re-engage to recover the appropriate balance.

Each Recovery Specialist at Park Dansan was recruited from the insurance industry, and provides client service beyond the typical recovery agency personnel. Their prior experience, coupled with Park Dansan’s expertise, resources and ongoing training, equips our specialists to provide your organization with the most skilled recovery strategies and processes in existence today.

We don’t simply work on your behalf; we have proprietary processes that bring about maximum results, with no changes to your internal operations. Part of the process for a typical Worker’s Compensation claim submitted to Park Dansan includes:

  • Identifying the payer through employer, or applicable State Insurance Commission;
  • Calling the carrier to obtain an accurate claim number, adjuster and current address, telephone number or Fax number;
  • Obtaining UB04 or 1500 form, and medical records information from client;
  • Correctly submitting claim to adjuster;
  • If no first report of injury is on file with the carrier, provide Form 19 to employer and re-file with UB and medical records;
  • If employer does not cooperate, provide patient with appropriate Insurance Commission information to file self-report of injury;
  • Provide itemized statements, UB04, 1500 and all applicable medical records, for all parties, as necessary for specific state statutes;
  • Continue follow-up efforts until final resolution is reached.

Although our processes for maximizing Worker’s Compensation claims are complex, our interaction with clients is seamless. Park Dansan provides measurable increases in Worker’s Compensation revenue without changing your internal recovery efforts.

Our Worker’s Compensation Recovery and Maximization Mission is simple. We strive to provide services that meet your needs, and exceed your expectations.

Interested in learning more?  Call 800.766.1551 x233 or email Dean Jenks, Vice President of Healthcare Services.

As a division of the South Carolina Hospital Association, we understand the hospital business. Our ready-to-deploy solutions for your workforce, financial, operational and compliance needs can save money on your bottom line – or generate revenue that you can re-invest in improving healthcare for the people of South Carolina.  For more information, visit Solvent Networks, follow us on Linked In or watch HERE.  Access your network today. 


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