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Vizient RxCommit

Vizient RxCommit Committed purchasing for enhanced contract pricing. Vizient RxCommit is our contracting solution for member health systems and hospitals who are ready to commit and standardize their formulary preferences for enhanced value. Overview: RxCommit is best suited for members who: Have a centralized formulary management process and cultural support

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SUNRx 340B Webinar

SUNRx 340B Webinar What’s so special about Specialty Pharmacy? Featuring Specialty Pharmacy Guest: Optum Join SUNRx on Tuesday, November 7 @ 2:00pm for an informative webinar event, sharing insights on how your organization can better position itself with 340B Specialty Pharmacy. As the specialty pharmaceutical industry continues to see growth, there

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Vizient Vulnerability Index

Vizient Vulnerability Index Vizient is now granting public access to the Vizient Vulnerability Index™ for healthcare providers to assess health equity in their communities. The access comes at no cost and provides a unique level of visibility for healthcare organizations to assess social determinants of health that impact health equity in

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24/7 Access to Your Resources and Tools on MyStericycle

24/7 Access to Your Resources and Tools on MyStericycle MyStericycle is available for you and your team members to manage and access your online tools, billing and service details. Register on MyStericycle today.  Or navigate the Portal User Guide here. Have additional questions or need assistance? Contact us at or call

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SUNRx Acquires AuthorityRx

SUNRx Acquires AuthorityRx SUNRx acquires AuthorityRx to deliver greater 340B savings through advanced referrals claims capture. Automated solution captures claims and savings that are often missed.  Read more here. For more information, contact Lori Schilling or 858.204.6710.   Our partners have demonstrated that they can deliver ready-to-deploy products or services

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Stericycle renews Solvent Networks contract

Stericycle renews Solvent Networks contract Safe disposal of medical waste is a critical need for hospitals, and a new contract with industry leader Stericycle can give SCHA members assurance that waste materials will be handled in full compliance with regulations that protect patient safety, the workforce, and the environment. With

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Virtual patient sitters are a growing trend

Virtual patient sitters are a growing trend Hospitals across the nation are finding more reasons to use virtual nurses and sitters to provide found-the-clock monitoring of patients prone to falls or at risk of self-harm, such as staffing shortages, cost efficiencies, and job satisfaction among in-facility nurses. Recent articles in Becker’s

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Optimizing the Patient Refund Experience

Optimizing the Patient Refund Experience Hosted by CommerceHealthcare Tuesday, September 12 | 2:00-3:00 pm | Webinar REGISTER HERE Healthcare providers are issuing a growing number of refunds driven by rising patient financial obligation for care, expansion of preservice cost estimates with upfront collections, and complex payer reimbursement policies. Refund management

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Strategic Supplier Relationships Collaborative Knowledge Transfer

Strategic Supplier Relationships Collaborative Knowledge Transfer Hosted by Vizient Thursday, July 27 | 12:00-1:00 pm | Webinar REGISTER HERE Please join us as Vizient® reveals the findings of the Strategic Supplier Relationships Collaborative. Register to hear from industry leaders as they share lessons learned and valuable takeaways that one can

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