These days it’s more important than ever to cut costs. But how?

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Pain Point: These days it’s more important than ever to cut costs. But how?

 Solution: Let Vivid Energies cut your energy bills, with no upfront investment.

Engineering staff at Ernest Health rehabilitation institutes in Spartanburg and Greenwood knew there were savings to be gained from converting to LED lighting, both in energy bills and time spent replacing failed fluorescent lamps. But they didn’t think they had the time or budget to make the switch.

They reached out to Vivid Energies, a family-owned, national lighting solutions company and Solvent Networks endorsed partner, to conduct an energy audit comparing existing lighting systems and potential savings. Their analysis showed that Spartanburg (with 42 beds) and Greenwood (a 54-bed facility) stood to save more than $21,500 and $35,000 a year, respectively, by converting to LED lights.

LED bulbs can save up to 70 percent of energy costs for lighting since they emit less heat than other bulbs. LED bulbs also are known to last 25 times longer than incandescent, which reduces maintenance costs.

Vivid proposed a “return-on-investment” payment plan for Ernest Health that allowed the Upstate rehab facilities to cover the costs out of projected energy savings, with no upfront costs, zero percent financing and a five-year warranty to ensure that the project remained cash-flow positive for the duration of the payment period.

Ernest Health and Vivid Energies developed a plan to complete the campus-wide conversions including the retrofit of all interior lights and new exterior fixtures. Vivid Energies manufactured the LED lamps and fixtures needed and provided the install team to complete the project.

Vivid Energies processed a rebate on behalf of Spartanburg Rehab Institute with Duke Energy in the amount of $6,743.

Vivid Energies provides a comprehensive, turnkey lighting solution to help hospitals retrofit lighting, become more energy efficient, improve security and aesthetics, and save money. Because the company manages every step of the process, from procuring materials to production, rigorous testing and installation of lighting, they can customize solutions and maximize rebates for clients.

The process begins with an energy audit to identify and prioritize areas with the greatest potential for savings, which leads to a proposal that includes total costs, projected annual savings and how long it will take to see a return on the initial investment. There’s no cost and no obligation for the energy audit.

Contact Vivid Energies at 864.905.2515 or, or call Solvent Networks to set up a complimentary energy audit and learn how much you could be saving on your energy bills.

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