Highlights & Happenings 7.27.20

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As a division of SCHA, our mission is to serve members by providing solutions to “pain points,” those day-to-day operational problems and challenges that come with running a top-quality healthcare facility.  Our goal is to be the top-of-mind, first-call resource for healthcare leaders looking for ways to ease their pain.  For more information, visit Solvent Networks, follow us on Linked In or watch our video HERE!  Please also continue to monitor SCHA’s COVID-19 webpage for the latest updates.


Cut Energy Costs & Enhance Security

Our newest Solvent Networks endorsed partner can help you cut energy costs, reduce the carbon footprint, and enhance security via indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions. Vivid Energies is a family-owned business that manufactures and installs LED lighting, which allows them to customize solutions and maximize rebates for each individual project.

Replacing fluorescent lights with LED bulbs can save up to 70 percent of energy costs for lighting. And LED bulbs are known to last 25 times longer than incandescent, which lowers maintenance costs.

The Vivid process includes an introductory meeting to understand all needs related to energy, security and aesthetics, an energy analysis to identify and prioritize areas with the greatest potential for savings, and a project and contract review before installation. Each proposal provides an estimate of expected savings and how long it will take to see a return on the investment, usually within 18 months. Vivid also provides financing options which means no up-front costs to hospitals.  Their goal is to provide a comprehensive, turnkey solution in order to help you retrofit your lighting, become more energy efficient and save money.  They base financing on projected savings so Vivid has a vested interest to be as accurate as possible. They do this so that it’s a cash-positive process with no money out of pocket.

Vivid Energies recently completed a project with Southern Wesleyan University in Central, S.C., to install all new LED lighting on campus, allowing them to cut their energy bills by 60 percent and recoup the project cost in just over six months.

If you’re interested in setting up an introductory meeting and FREE energy analysis, contact Kristin Hill and we’ll get the ball rolling.


PPE.Exchange. A Nationwide Automated Source for FDA Approved PPE and Supplies

Webinar this Friday!

Last week SCHA launched the PPE.Exchange, an Amazon like marketplace for sourcing PPE and other supplies. We’ve had a solid response from hospitals logging on to create accounts and because we know this concept is very new, we are hosting an educational webinar this Friday, July 31 from 11:00am-12:00pm.

During this webinar, we will cover:

  • Sourcing items from the marketplace
  • Sourcing items from SC-based manufacturers
  • Starting an order
  • Tracking an order

We will also discuss starting several group or aggregate orders on certain items of greatest need right now. Register to attend the webinar.

If you haven’t yet requested an account, please do that before the webinar. Visit https://www.ppe.exchange/ and click “request access”, then “Become a trusted buyer”. This will automatically send you login credentials.

For any questions- Contact JT Garwood jt@ppe.exchange or Lara Hewitt at lhewitt@scha.org. You will need an approved username/password to access the marketplace before beginning your search.


Emergency Response Solutions

SCHA’s corporate sponsor, Lodging Solutions, is a base camp deployment for disaster relief efforts. Their experience is in the field of emergency planning and response.  When you have a natural disaster emergency, Lodging Solutions responds with relief. Services include mobile sleeper trailers, shower units, full-service laundry units, supply trailers, generators, HVAC systems, tents with flooring and cots.

With a variety of medical tent rentals and drive-thru tent rentals, Lodging Solutions offers total solutions for on-site isolated workforce housing and testing.  Their experts quickly and efficiently deploy temporary housing and shelters to help you protect your essential personnel. They take care of everything, including logistical planning, deployment, and set up, to ensure nothing gets overlooked.  For additional details visit https://lodgingsolutionsusa.com/ or email Debbie Huschle at d.huschle@mls123.com.


Controlled Substance Waste and the Opioid Epidemic

According to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), over 10 million people misuse prescription opioids annually and contribute to the overall opioid crisis. Healthcare organizations that understand and mitigate the risks associated with these potentially addictive drugs can not only support a healthier care environment but also minimize the risk of drug diversion, which is a primary element fueling the opioid crisis, and prevent contamination of surrounding ecosystems.

  • What is a controlled substance?
  • What are controlled substances used for?
  • How should an organization dispose of controlled substances?
  • What is drug diversion?
  • Where does drug diversion happen?
  • How do you prevent drug diversion?
  • How can patients dispose of controlled substances?

Read more of this article and get the answers HERE.  And to learn more about how Stericycle can help your organization ensure proper controlled waste disposal and prevent drug diversion, visit their Controlled Substance Waste Disposal hub.


Contact Solvent Networks to set up a meeting with any of our endorsed partners or SCHA corporate sponsors. We’re here for the health of your business.

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