Highlights & Happenings 11.30.20

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As a division of SCHA, our mission is to serve members by providing solutions to “pain points,” those day-to-day operational problems and challenges that come with running a top-quality healthcare facility.  Our goal is to be the top-of-mind, first-call resource for healthcare leaders looking for ways to ease their pain.  For more information, visit Solvent Networks, follow us on Linked In or watch our video HERE!  Please also continue to monitor SCHA’s COVID-19 webpage for the latest updates.

Pandemic Politics.  So, what do you do when a public health emergency makes your advocacy plan more important than ever, but an infectious disease sends lawmakers home early and keeps you from in-person meetings?

Krista Hinson, Director of Federal and State Government Relations

There are professional speakers and then there are professionals who speak.  The SCHA Speakers Bureau is the latter. Our speakers make things happen. The SCHA Speakers Bureau is a member service offering educational and professional development programs, healthcare market insights and best practices in many critical hospital operations.  All speakers are subject-matter experts and thought leaders.  They don’t just speak, they do.  Visit Solvent Networks for more details and to request a speaker.


How is MUSC HR Working Remotely During a Pandemic?
Endorsed partner, Advanced Imaging Systems, is an information management company committed to lowering costs while improving productivity.  They’ve been contacted by a number of clients for help converting non-digitized files so that staff who are working remotely can access them.

Join us and Richard Ouzts for a Thought Partner Webinar on how AIS digitized records and helped MUSC shift to a virtual workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic.  In a recent Case Study, written by Solvent Networks, Latonia Allen, HR Operations Manager at MUSC said that “as MUSC had grown and acquired new facilities, it also had acquired thousands of paper documents on active and inactive employees, many well beyond their required retention dates. The paper records weren’t easily searchable, couldn’t have been replaced if damaged, and could easily be misfiled. Digitizing all of those documents was more than the HR staff could handle efficiently, so the department retained Advanced Imaging Systems (AIS), a Solvent Networks endorsed partner, to handle the backlog.

With more than 45 years of experience in document management, AIS had the resources and expertise MUSC needed to turn what would’ve been an enormous task for staff into a roughly two-month project. AIS boxed up the records and took them to their high-security facility in Pineville, N.C., where they logged, tagged, prepped and scanned the documents that needed to be retained and destroyed the ones that didn’t. The project allowed MUSC to catch up, regain valuable office space and deploy staff to more productive work. And it better prepared them for the unplanned shift to having staff work from home.

AIS has worked with hundreds of hospitals and medical organizations to secure tens of thousands human resource files, credential files, and other mission critical information. Some of AIS’ local clients have been Novant Health, Carolinas Medical Center, Atrium Health, East Cooper Hospital, Providence Hospital, and many more.  The company tests and evaluates all major industry brands on a regular basis to ensure it is utilizing the best available technology as well as providing the best products to customers.

Tuesday, December 1 @ 2:00pm  REGISTER HERE

Tuesday, December 8 @ 9:00am  REGISTER HERE

For additional information or questions prior to our scheduled webinars, please contact AIS Account Manager, Richard Ouzts at RichardO@aisimc.com or 704-998-6564.


Where Are You Leaving Money Behind? 

SCHA Corporate Sponsor, WebsterRogers, is a leading South Carolina-based accounting and consulting firm that provides a broad spectrum of assurance, tax and advisory services to clients.  WebsterRogers offers the degree of personal attention, responsiveness and accessibility their clients expect and deserve—coupled with national resources that can satisfy their needs.

WebsterRogers and Value Health Partners will be co-hosting a Thought Partner Webinar with Solvent Networks, focusing on the opportunities you can take right now to start moving or continuing to move your organization away from traditional volume-based models and towards a better road to Value Based Care and post-COVID financial recovery.

Value Health Partners is a group of experienced health care professionals who have worked in nearly every aspect of the health care system.  That experience has given them the understanding of what value-based care is and why we must transition to it in order to effectively and sustainably provide health care to our population. VHP helps providers and systems successfully navigate their transition to value-based care.

Speakers –

We will also have Beth Hyman, Healthcare Consultant with WebsterRogers, and Dr. Gordon Wilhoit, Clinical Director of Innovation with VHP, on the webinar to participate in the discussions.

Join us as we review the following:

  • Significant shift away from Fee for Service (FFS) to Fee to Value (FFV) is occurring in the healthcare industry and with all stakeholders- providers, government payers and commercial payers all focused on Value movement.
  • Value Based Care (VBC), why is it inevitable and what are the current trends impacting you.
  • COVID reshaping demand, payor strategies, competitive landscape and delivery models.

Thursday, December 3 @ 2:00pm  REGISTER HERE

For additional information or questions prior to our scheduled webinar, please contact Nelda Fields at nfields@websterrogers.com or 843-577-5843.

Contact Solvent Networks to set up a meeting with any of our endorsed partners or SCHA corporate sponsors. We’re here for the health of your business.

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