Seal of Approval

Solvent Networks is a consortium of companies that have earned our “seal of approval” as endorsed providers of healthcare-related businesses and services. The Solvent Networks seal of approval opens doors with hospital and health system leaders across South Carolina.

Our partners have demonstrated that they can deliver ready-to-deploy products or services that meet hospital needs and the highest standards of quality and customer service. They are chosen through a rigorous screening process that results in a mutually beneficial contractual relationship. Partners agree to offer their products to SCHA member hospitals at the best possible price through an agreed-upon contract and revenue agreement.

For some companies, a corporate sponsorship of SCHA is a good first step while we go through the review process. We also recommend that all endorsed partners become corporate sponsors for maximum benefit and access to SCHA member events. For more information, download our sponsor benefits brochure [LINK]

Endorsed partners receive support from the Solvent Networks team, including:

  • Name/logo on Solvent Networks website, with link back to the company website;
  • Name/logo and brief description in an annual report/partner directory;
  • Direct mail and/or email to announce new partners and key services;
  • Opportunity to place video, articles and customer testimonials on the Solvent Networks website and marketing materials;
  • Opportunity to be featured in Impact, the SCHA newsletter;
  • Engagement in appropriate SCHA meetings;
  • Assistance with calls and meetings with hospital leadership;
  • Ongoing positioning as key resource with content appropriate for SCHA staff, committees, personal membership groups, etc.;
  • 25% discount on top two SCHA corporate sponsorship packages;
  • Advertised as “endorsed partner” with Solutions Seal of Approval;
  • Monthly partner calls with Solutions team;
  • Quarterly company review at Solvent Networks board meetings by the executive team.

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