PAIN POINT: How do we recruit clinical staff internationally?

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Welcome to “Pain Points,” a newsletter from Solvent Networks intended to discuss the problems that keep hospital leaders up at night and inform them about programs, services and products offered by our endorsed business partners that can help. We tackle pain points and present ready-to-deploy solutions.

How do we recruit clinical staff internationally?

Qualivis can help you get started.

Recruiting and retaining quality nurses is more challenging than ever, thanks to the pandemic. It may be time to consider adding international recruitment to your workforce strategy, and Qualivis can help you get started.

Two staffing agencies in the Qualivis network – Worldwide HealthStaff Solutions and Conexus MedStaff – specialize in international recruiting and can help you tap into a global pool of well-qualified applicants, reduce cost per hire, improve retention, and increase the diversity of your team.

At a recent virtual townhall meeting sponsored by SCHA and Solvent Networks, Qualivis President Sherry Kolb introduced leaders of the two partner companies and led a discussion of the benefits each of their models offers. You can watch the townhall meeting on demand at this link (passcode 7t4NT@er).

Ron Hoppe, co-founder and CEO of WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions, said his firm offers a direct, permanent placement model. “That means on day one they join the organization as a regular employee, with the same experience, pay and benefits as the domestic staff,” he said. “You interview and select the best-fit candidates from a pool of experienced healthcare professionals, willing and able to deliver care in your facilities.” Hoppe also adds, “staffing shortages at hand reflect a supply and demand imbalance and international adds to the supply.”

A one-time flat fee covers a turnkey package that includes all issues related to housing, transportation, travel, banking, etc. There are no additional costs or logistics responsibilities for the employer.

Tom Konitzer, Conexus MedStaff’s director of business development and client relation, provides an indirect or contract model that requires 5,000 work hours, which usually translates into two or two and a half years. “With most nurses leaving their jobs after one year, the contract option offers more stability and continuity,” he said. “And after their hours are up, you can hire directly into a staff position.”

Their turnkey service covers recruitment, immigration, licensing, credentialing, deployment and mobilization with no upfront or back-end fees. All-inclusive billing rates for an RN are $65-72 dollars per hour, depending on location.

“Neither model is necessarily better than the other,” he said. “They’re just different. You can participate in both programs, because we don’t have the same candidates.” Konitzer added, “Medical Technologist are also available and we are seeing that there is a large demand for this type of healthcare professional.”

An added bonus is that family members often relocate with the clinical staffer and are qualified and available for other hospital positions. “We get green cards for them and their family members, who often are able to work as CNAs, housekeepers, IT specialists or other positions,” he said.

However, international recruiting isn’t a “quick fix,” they noted. With unprecedented demand and the logistics involved, international recruiting can’t address immediate needs the way travel nurses can.

But with workforce shortages expected to continue for years to come, hospitals will need a broader arrange of tools at their disposal if they hope to win the staffing wars.

Contact Solvent Networks or Qualivis about making international recruiting part of your workforce strategy.

Join us for a special webinar series on direct hire and international recruitment!

Direct Hire Model w/ Qualivis
Thursday, April 7th at 10:00am EST
(Brenna Brown, Senior Director of RPO)


International Recruitment In-Direct Hire Model w/ Conexus MedStaff
Thursday, April 21st at 10:00am EST
(Tom Konitzer, Director of Business Development and Client Relation + Melissa Mullins, Unit Manager, Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo, TX)


International Recruitment In-Direct Hire Model w/ WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions
Thursday, April 28th at 10:00am EST
(Ron Hoppe, Co-Founder and CEO + Pam Stacy, Career Development, Cape Fear Valley Health in Fayetteville, NC)


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