Is there is guide for hospitals to use for physician succession planning?

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Is there is guide for hospitals to use for physician succession planning?

Four things you need to know from Jackson Physician Search.

Whether you plan for it or not, physicians leave. In fact, at any given time, about half of physicians are considering a job change. The cause may be burnout, retirement, a better opportunity, or life circumstances beyond their control. That’s why every hospital needs a physician succession plan.

A recent survey by Jackson Physician Search shows that, while hospital leaders know it’s important to get ahead of physician turnover, only 16% actually have a formal, written physician succession plan. But look at the sobering statistics:

  • More than two out of five practicing physicians will be 65 or older within the next 10 years;
  • 61% of physicians are currently experiencing burnout;
  • In the past year, 46% of physicians have considered leaving to work for a different healthcare employer, and 27% have considered getting out of medicine altogether.

Jackson Physician Search has developed a research-based white paper to guide succession planning, and they’ve summarized four key things you need to know.

  1. The most important elements of such as plan are a recruitment plan, a transition plan that allows physicians to work part-time after retirement, and a mentoring plan to fill for new physicians.
  2. The most important objectives of a plan are meeting patient demand, strengthening culture, and forecasting future recruitment needs.
  3. Every organization needs two types of plans: long-term and emergency (unexpected) succession planning.
  4. Five steps to creating a plan:
    • Survey physicians about their retirement plans;
    • Involve shareholders to create buy-in
    • Consider internal candidates and decide if you need an external search
    • Have a strong onboarding and mentoring program
    • Prioritize positions that have the strongest impact on the health of your business and start recruiting early.

If it sounds daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Click here to get the white paper, or contact Liz Orjuela, business development manager, at  or (678) 501-2446 to set up a consultation.

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