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As a division of SCHA, our mission is to serve members by providing solutions to “pain points,” those day-to-day operational problems and challenges that come with running a top-quality healthcare facility.  Our goal is to be the top-of-mind, first-call resource for healthcare leaders looking for ways to ease their pain.  For more information, visit Solvent Networks, follow us on Linked In or watch our video HERE!  Please also continue to monitor SCHA’s COVID-19 webpage for the latest updates.


Recruiting Telehealth Doctors

One long-term outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to be greater reliance on telehealth for non-emergent matters. According to an article from Jackson Physician Search, telehealth insurance claims increased by more than 4,000 percent from March 2019 to March 2020, and a recent Forbes article cited research showing 59 percent of consumers are more likely to use telehealth than previously, and a third would be willing to leave their current provider for one who offered telehealth access.

One reason for the increase was because CMS made telehealth insurance coverage available to all beneficiaries, and continuing those payments is under review. But as patients become more comfortable with the concept, more and more hospitals are beginning to consider telehealth credentials in their physician staffing plan.

Jackson outlines four key skills hospital administrators should look for in recruiting or reassigning physicians for telehealth responsibilities:

  • Technologically savvy;
  • Outstanding communicator;
  • Organized and thorough;
  • Experienced in a variety of settings, since a telehealth physician may not have access to the resources and care team available in a hospital.

Jackson Physician Search can offer much more guidance on hiring the right physicians for this “new normal” era.  Contact Gary Holden to set up a virtual meeting.


Contract Labor: The New Business Standard
In an article posted by Staffing Industry Analysts on May 6, 2020, key trends were identified for post-pandemic recovery. Data from Gartner shows that 32% of surveyed companies intend to utilize contract labor to replace full-time staff as a cost-savings measure. While this strategy may seem contrary to standard business beliefs, numerous analyses show that contingent labor is often less expensive on an hourly basis than full-time staff employment. A significant portion of the captured savings come from eliminating the overhead costs associated with employment, such as benefits, paid time off, employer taxes and other direct employment costs, such as annual reviews, and unemployment and leave costs.  Read more by Danielle Robey, SVP in Workforce Solutions with Qualivis HERE.


Aya Healthcare’s Qualivis Acquires the Staffing Division Purchasing Services – a Joint Venture of the Kansas and Missouri Hospital Associations

Endorsed partner, Qualivis, is a national provider of healthcare workforce solutions that streamlines staffing processes for hospitals and health systems.  The company works with state hospital associations, healthcare facilities and a national network of staffing agencies to keep clinical and non-clinical departments staffed.  Qualivis, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aya Healthcare, has completed the purchase of the Associated Purchasing Services (APS) Staffing Program.  APS is a joint venture of the Kansas Hospital Association and the Missouri Hospital Association.  The acquisition closed on June 27, 2020.  Read more on the PR Newswire HERE.


Contact Solvent Networks to set up a meeting with any of our endorsed partners or SCHA corporate sponsors. We’re here for the health of your business.

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