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COVID-19 Information

As a division of SCHA, Solvent Networks is committed to helping our hospitals and health systems respond to the COVID-19 outbreak with information and resources from our network of endorsed partners and SCHA corporate sponsors. Solvent Networks will continue to update this page and the Newsroom as more information is available.

PPE Exchange – A National FDA Approved Automated Source for PPE and Supplies

In the beginning of the COVID-19 response in South Carolina, hospitals and other provider groups were struggling to source the PPE and disinfecting supplies necessary to maintain operations.  With support from the SC Manufacturing Extension Partnership, SC Department of Commerce, SC BIO, and SCHA, we are excited to announce an automated resource for accessing PPE and supplies.
PPE Exchange is an online marketplace of regional and national suppliers of PPE. Think Amazon but for PPE and supplies. Via PPE Exchange, hospitals, providers, and businesses looking for supplies are virtually connected to a marketplace of Verified suppliers where they can search for items, schedule orders, compare prices and complete the transaction online.
To begin accessing the SCHA marketplace on PPE Exchange, visit click “request access.” Enter your email and basic information. Once you do that, an email will be automatically sent prompting you to reset your password and login to the website.
For any questions on large orders, or how PPE Exchange can work directly with you, contact SCHA’s dedicated Account Executive James Losole at or Beth Morgan at

SCHA, Solvent Networks offer Employee Communications Toolkit

Employees are your most important audience anytime, but especially in a crisis such as COVID-19. We know you’re working hard to keep the lines of communication open and provide credible, accurate information, and it’s a big challenge. SCHA and Solvent Networks have created a communications toolkit to supplement what you’re already doing and possibly offer some new ideas, templates and examples.

Supplemental and rapid-response staffing

Qualivis can respond rapidly to staffing requests if your facility must replace infected clinicians or experiences increased demand from patient census or quarantining activities, and they’ll work with you to develop a strategy that works for your situation. Click here to learn more about their Coronavirus preparedness and response plan.

Preparation and supplies

Vizient’s COVID-19 page offers resources for members, including disaster preparedness planning tools, information resources and updates from the supply team regarding face protectors and apparel.

Medical waste management

Stericycle is managing medical waste generated during treatment of patients infected with COVID-19 in numerous healthcare facilities across the country, including quarantine sites. Click here to learn more.

Short-term security staffing

G4S, an SCHA sponsor, is extending its disaster services program to SCHA member hospitals that are experiencing shortages due to staff illnesses or law enforcement officers being called to other duties. There is no long-term contract, and G4S can help whether you have an in-house security program or are utilizing another contract. For more information, contact Wendy Walser at or 704.747.5565.

Ongoing recruitment

There are still physicians and advanced practice nurses looking for new opportunities, so don’t put your recruitment efforts on hold. Contact Jackson Physician Search for your permanent recruitment needs.

For the most efficient and effective hiring, can help you cast a wider net through digital marketing. You can access their job posting plans that produce the lowest cost per job, cost per applicant, and cost per hire.

Remote workers accessing documents

Advanced Imaging Systems has been contacted by a number of clients for help converting non-digitized files so that staff who are working remotely can access them. Hospitals needing to provide access to documents for staff working off-site can contact AIS at 800.365.1038 or Richard Ouzts at

Frozen meal delivery
Metz Culinary Management, an SCHA sponsor, can provide USDA frozen meal deliveries to help hospitals prepare for increased demand or quarantine situations. There are 25 frozen unitized meals, including breakfast options, to choose from. For more information, call 941.202.3684 or email

Collective Medical can help hospitals meet new CMS reporting rule

The CMS has released the Interoperability and Patient Access final rule, modifying its Conditions of Participation (CoPs). The change requires hospitals to send electronic patient event (admission, discharge, transfer) notifications to the patient’s primary care provider and any applicable post-acute providers. The rule will go into effect six months from the date it is recorded in the Federal Register. To satisfy the CoP, hospitals can use intermediaries, such as Collective Medical, a Solvent Networks endorsed partner and developer of the leading ADT-based network for real-time provider activation and care collaboration

Leverage Visa rewards program
CommerceHealthcare offers an electronic payables system — CommercePayments™ — built on the Visa card rewards system, helping hospitals generate revenue for each vendor transaction. The company will contact all of your vendors directly about enrolling in e-payments, make the payments on your behalf and notify you when the bill is processed. For more information, call 704.516.1213 or visit the Solvent partners page.

Is a 340B program right for you?
SunRX can help you figure out if a 340B program is a viable option for your facility. The federal program lowers prescription drug costs for uninsured or low-income patients and provides revenues to eligible healthcare facilities to encourage participation. For more information, contact John Bretz, Director of Strategic Relations, at 267.800.5390 or

Cut broadband costs in half
ConnectHealthPartners helps eligible hospitals cut their Internet, telecom and other broadband costs by up to 50 percent by accessing federal funds available through the Federal Communications Commission’s Rural Health Care program. In South Carolina, healthcare facilities have saved more than $12 million through the program since 2013. The window for 2021 funding ends in April, so go to or call 803-454-6959 to start the enrollment process today.

Lower energy and maintenance costs
Vivid Energies can help cut energy costs and enhance security through indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions. Replacing fluorescent lights with LED bulbs can save up to 70 percent of energy costs for lighting and HVAC, since LEDs emit less heat than other bulbs. LED bulbs are known to last 25 times longer than incandescent, which can lower maintenance costs. Visit the website to set up a free consultation.

Focus on workers compensation claims recovery
Workers Compensation claims are complicated for a lot of reasons, and many hospitals end up writing off the claims after months of paperwork. Instead of losing money, contact Park Dansan, the industry leader in workers comp recovery, at 800.766.1551. There’s no long-term obligation, and fees are discounted for SCHA member hospitals.

No-cost access to Medicaid enrollment accelerator
Cadre Health is offering no-cost access to its Medicaid enrollment accelerator, “Cadre Enrollment.” This offer aims to support hospitals that face a surge in patient volume as new cases of COVID-19 emerge. The Cadre Enrollment program is built on a web-based solution that screens patients for dozens of state and federal programs and facilities their applications for Medicaid. This technology does not require EMR integration or expensive hardware and allows enrollment specialists to screen patients within 90 seconds. Join the 30-minute ON DEMAND webinar here and contact for additional comments and/or questions.

Help from SCHA

SCHA is providing the latest information, resources and communications tools for SC hospitals and health systems on its coronavirus webpage. SCHA also continues to host calls with DHEC to address concerns of state hospitals and healthcare systems in managing the public health emergency.

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